What do I do now that I have purchased health insurance?

How to obtain your insurance ID card?

The Aetna insurance company does not print and mail medical insurance cards. All cards will be electronic.

  • Go to www.aetnastudenthealth.com
  • Select San Jose State University from the drop down menu and click on “view your school”
  • Select the “Print Your ID Card” link
  • Enter your school issued Student ID number and DOB (date of birth: month/day/year) and click “Submit”
  • Take a screenshot to save it to your phone OR print it out and keep in your wallet
  • Show your medical ID card whenever you receive medical treatment

Where do I go when I am sick?

  • Aetna 24 Hour Nurse Line (free nurse advice) 1-800-556-1555
  • Visit the Campus Student Health Center during their office hours. After hours you may call the campus after-hours nurse advice line: (866) 935-6347
  • Locate a Preferred Provider off campus (Aetna Doctor, Urgent Care or ER) and schedule an appointment
  • Show your electronic medical ID card whenever you are treated

What happens after I seek medical services/treatment?

  • Most doctors will send your medical bills directly to Aetna Student Advantage for processing and payment.
  • If you receive a bill directly from the doctor’s office or hospital, please call Aetna to ensure they have received it as well.  You may also want to call the doctor’s office or hospital to check if they have your health insurance information. If not, then they will collect your insurance information and send the bills to Aetna. 
  • You will receive an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from Aetna within 6-8 weeks of treatment. The EOB will show what was paid to your doctor and if you have any out-of-pocket cost (you are responsible for any paying out-of-pocket expenses). 
  • If you have any out-of-pocket cost, you may receive a bill from the doctor. Make sure to pay your bill AFTER confirming that Aetna has paid their portion.  

Who can I contact if I have questions?

  • Aetna – (877) 480-4168  www.Aetnastudenthealth.com 
    • Check the status of a bill
    • View your electronic medical ID card
    • With questions regarding your benefits or claims
  • JCB Insurance Solutions – (408) 220-9341  www.jcbins.com 
    • Update your contact information 
    • View important plan details 
    • Complete and pay for enrollment
  • Email ISSS office (International-office@sjsu.edu) if you for general questions or not sure whom to contact. 

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