March Support Ticket Matrix

Every month, IT support staff receive thousands of help tickets from all across campus. Tickets are acknowledged and initially responded to within the same business day and normally resolved within 48 hours. These tickets consist mainly of change reports and incident reports. Change reports happen anytime a user requires a change, such as a software upgrade or new printer install. Incident reports are filed whenever something breaks or stops working correctly. Providing above and beyond customer service on every level is the prevailing goal of the IT Division. That’s why we proactively monitor servers, network ports, and more 24/7.

March Change Reports
March Change ReportsIn March 2019, IT received 2,994 change reports. Of those, 2,529 (84%) were closed within 48 business hours, 182 (6%) were closed within 120 hours and another 75 (3%) were closed by the end of the month. This left 208 (7%) tickets open when the month ended, which includes tickets submitted late in the month that will close early in April.

March Incident Reports
March Incident ReportsIn March 2019, IT received 409 change reports. Of those, 380 (93%) were closed within 48 business hours, 13 (3%) were closed within 120 hours and another 7 (2%) were closed by the end of the month. This left 9 (2%) tickets open when the month ended, which includes tickets submitted late in the month that will close early in April.

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The 2018 IT Sparta Awards

We established the first IT Sparta Awards, given to one team and one individual each year, to recognize those staff members who serve our campus with distinction and work tirelessly behind the scenes to keep SJSU amazing. They bring out the best in each other through a collaborative spirit, a commitment to innovations, and everyday leadership. They provide consistent and exceptional service, whether working with students or building something with a campus department.

Every department in your IT Division has the opportunity to nominate employees and department directors submit their selections directly to me. I then work with an IT peer consultation group, consisting of employees from many departments, to choose the most outstanding project, program, team, or individual to win the award. The selection process is designed to raise up our employees, increasing the visibility of staff members who come to work every day and get it done.

Team Winner
From left: Ryan Campbell, Mary Papazian, Jocelyn Tom, Leon Nguyen The inaugural Team Award went to Leon Nguyen, Ryan Campbell, and Jocelyn Tom for their work supporting the Digital Transformation of SJSU through the implementation of OnBase and DocuSign. This team works with many departments on campus to migrate old paper records and paper processes to digital workflows, making them more efficient and more accurate.

As of February 2019, the team had digitized 2.9 million documents — enough to pile up to a 90-story building — in OnBase, a digital document storage system. Digital documentation solves many problems, especially for an organization like SJSU. Digital documents prevent the creation of over 11,000 student folders per year, don’t require storage, and are much more easily indexed and searched. They don’t get misplaced and they’re instantly verified and secured. For new forms requiring signatures, campus uses DocuSign, a digital paperwork signing platform. As of February 2019, an average of 5,300 digital documents received 6,820 digital signatures. Using DocuSign greatly speeds up campus’ paperwork process. The paper trail is transparent and accountable, signatures can be done virtually from anywhere, and nothing gets lost in the shuffle across campus.

Individual Winner
From left: Devona Williams, Mary PapazianDevona Williams’ work building proactive solutions for the Division led to her recognition as the winner of this year’s Individual Award. Her innovations have improved the Instructional and Meeting Space team’s productivity, raising the bar for service on campus.

Devona created an app to help to consolidate department processes and provide at-a-glance reference for room inventory, location, and information. She also implemented new software to reduce paper workflows. Then, after reinventing how IMS worked digitally, she moved to optimize the department’s workspace with more organization, better flow, and a facelift. These improvements have made a tangible difference and brought out the best in the IMS team. Devona took self-initiative, without being prompted to work on any of these projects. She saw how she could improve her department and got to work.

Presidential Recognition
In March, university President Mary Papazian presented the Sparta Award winners with plaques commemorating their achievement. These plaques are now on display on the Computer Center’s Hall of Fame Wall. Please come by and take a look. And, if you’re an SJSU staff member, don’t forget to contact IT and nominated your individual or team awards for 2019 when submissions open.

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eduram February Report

The eduroam roaming wifi service makes connecting easier for students, faculty, and staff who travel. It provides easy and secure network access when visiting an institution other than their own by allowing users to authenticate their login using the same credentials as their home institution. This means if you go to another eduroam participating school, you can login using your SJSUOne account. Likewise, visitors for schools across the world come to SJSU and use their logins. In February alone, SJSU’s eduroam network connected visitors from 146 locations across 31 countries, including Japan, Germany, Hong Kong, and more.


US Visitors to SJSU

eduroam Feb US visitors


Institution Frequency
University of California-Santa Cruz 860
University of California-Davis 716
California State University-Sacramento 269
University of California-Santa Barbara 98
California State University-Fresno 89
California State University-Chico 85
Stanford University 84
California State University-Fullerton 78
San Diego State University 61
California State University-Monterey Bay 61
University of California-Los Angeles 42
California State University-Stanislaus 34
University of California-Berkeley 33
University of San Diego 27
California State University-Bakersfield 26
California State University-San Bernardino 24
University of Nevada-Las Vegas 21
Chapman University 21
The University of Montana 19
Cornell University 13
University of Southern California 12
University of California-Merced 12
California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo 12
San Francisco State University 11
California State University-East Bay 11



Global Visitors to SJSU

eduroam Feb International Visitors

Country of Origin Frequency
USA 2994
Canada 65
United Kingdom 57
Japan 30
Germany 28
Sweden 15
Norway 12
Netherlands 11
Switzerland 8
Ireland 8
Hong Kong 7
Spain 5
China 5
Italy 4
Turkey 2
South Africa 2
Portugal 2
Lithuania 2
Georgia 2
Czech Republic 2
Belgium 2
Austria 2
Taiwan 1
Singapore 1
France 1
Finland 1
Estonia 1
Denmark 1
Chile 1
Brazil 1

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Adobe Licensing Agreement

In a partnership with SJSU IT, Academic Affairs, and eCampus, San Jose State University significantly expanded the number of user licenses for Adobe’s Creative Cloud to include all actively enrolled SJSU students along with our faculty and staff. Creative Cloud has become a core component to many disciplines, making it an industry standard. San Jose State’s Creative Cloud membership provides access to all of Adobe’s enterprise-level tools, used in a variety of disciplines—from Humanities, Sciences, Engineering, Arts, and more.

With this license, all actively enrolled students can download any or all of the applications to their desktop or laptop computer or use Adobe’s mobile apps to create and inspire when on the go. Plus, files saved to a secure Creative Cloud account are accessible from any device with internet access, so your work goes with you.

Visit the eCampus Adobe Student Webpage and access the self-service application to request an Adobe enterprise account. Shortly after completing the request form, you will receive an email invitation with access instructions. Once you’ve registered, you’ll have access to Creative Cloud until you’re no longer registered for classes at SJSU in the current Fall or Spring semester. After you’re no longer an active student or university employee, you’ll be notified in the change in status and encouraged to save all your work locally. Any files remaining in Adobe’s Cloud are permanently deleted once your access is removed.

We’re excited about this partnership and look forward to seeing the amazing things Spartans can do with the unlimited creative possibilities in Adobe Creative Cloud Applications.

LinkedIn Learning

We’re excited to announce our partnership with LinkedIn to bring LinkedIn Learning to SJSU free of charge. An on-demand eLearning portal with over 12,000 available courses, LinkedIn Learning provides learning and development content for students, faculty, and staff. These courses range from just-in-time subject refreshers to entire sessions designed to help you gain or grow skills. San Jose State is one of the first institutions of higher education in the nation to work with LinkedIn to bring this enterprise-level development tool to a university campus.

Getting started is easy:

  • Go to and log in
  • Type “LinkedIn Learning” in the search bar
  • Click on the LinkedIn Learning tile (and click on the heart icon to favorite it for later!)
  • Your LinkedIn Learning account will be created automatically. To personalize your course recommendations, you can either connect your LinkedIn profile or complete the brief set of questions that appear.

The IT Division sees LinkedIn Learning as a valuable tool for every member of the campus community. Students can access just-in-time courses that will refresh their academic knowledge or help them expand their skillsets in the job market. Staff now have on-demand professional development options, available when and where they need it. Faculty can integrate relevant LinkedIn Learning content into their instruction to supplement the classroom experience.

LinkedIn Learning develops personalized course recommendations for you based on insights from LinkedIn’s network and your desired job role, skill set, and experience level. These courses can supplement your academic knowledge with information from industry professionals, complementing a student’s journey from enrollment, through graduation, and into the workforce. The many Spartans already familiar with will be happy to know that they can find the Lynda library available at LinkedIn Learning.

Click here for additional help, or contact the IT Service Desk with your questions.