Google Chat Replacing Hangouts

Dear SJSU Campus Community,

As you may have already heard, Google will soon be retiring Hangouts in favor of Google Chat. SJSU IT is making this transition early so that you’ll have time before the semester starts to adjust.

Starting in the evening on July 16, we will be enabling Google Chat as the default chat application for SJSU. You’ll see this change when you login on Friday, July 17. Google Chat will replace the older Classic Hangouts and appear in the bottom left of the web Gmail client. With this change, chat on your SJSU account will now look similar to and include all the features of the newer Google Chat application.

Google Chat is an enterprise-grade collaboration solution with a modern UI, team rooms that support better team collaboration, emoji reactions to make work fun, bots to help you be more productive, and much more. Besides showing in the Gmail client, you can use Google Chat on:

Google Chat training and help is available from Google at

If you have been using Classic Hangouts, all history of one-on-one chats will be carried over to Google Chat. Any group chats from Classic Hangouts will not transfer, but the chat history of your Hangouts groups will still be accessible at If you had a chat group in Hangouts, you’ll need to re-create it in Google Chat. In addition, there will be a Hangouts folder in Gmail where these Classic Hangouts will be archived.

If you have any questions about Google Chat, Hangouts, or the transition, please don’t hesitate to contact the IT Service Desk online or by phone at 408-924-1530

Thank you,
Alex Wong
Interim Associate CIO and Senior Director
Enterprise Solutions, SJSU IT

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