eduroam March Report

The eduroam roaming wifi service makes connecting easier for students, faculty, and staff who travel. It provides easy and secure network access when visiting an institution other than their own by allowing users to authenticate their login using the same credentials as their home institution. This means if you go to another eduroam participating school, you can login using your SJSUOne account. Likewise, visitors for schools across the world come to SJSU and use their logins. In March, SJSU’s eduroam network connected visitors from 204 locations across 35 countries, including Japan, Germany, Hong Kong, and more.


US Visitors to SJSU


Institution Frequency
University of California-Santa Cruz 1008
University of California-Davis 872
California State University-Sacramento 324
University of California-Santa Barbara 170
California State University-Chico 134
California State University-Fullerton 115
University of California-Berkeley 100
Stanford University 97
University of California-Los Angeles 89
California State University-Fresno 87
San Diego State University 77
California State University-Monterey Bay 71
California State University-Stanislaus 70
Chapman University 47
California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo 39
University of Nevada-Reno 30
University of Nevada-Las Vegas 30
Georgia Institute of Technology 26
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities 25
University of Massachusetts-Lowell 23
University of San Diego 23
University of California-San Diego 22
California State University-San Bernardino 20
University of Michigan 19
University of California-Riverside 18



Global Visitors to SJSU

Country of Origin Frequency
USA 4099
Germany 118
United Kingdom 89
Canada 66
Japan 46
Sweden 19
Norway 19
Austria 13
Netherlands 12
Australia 11
Hong Kong 10
China 10
Switzerland 8
Italy 8
Ireland 8
France 8
Czech Republic 6
Spain 5
South Africa 4
Chile 4
Singapore 3
Denmark 3
Croatia 3
Turkey 2
Poland 2
Georgia 2
Colombia 2
Brazil 2
Belgium 2
Taiwan 1

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