Situ, Tim (Student) is Stepping Beyond

“Tim is a Rock Star! I am in awe of how much he has grown as a worker in the short time I have been at SJSU. I literally can depend on Tim to get anything accomplished. He’s really grown and is quite impressive as an employee. He deserves a shot-out. He has made my life at work a lot easier.” —  John Merz

Sullivan, Tamela (University Personnel) is Stepping Beyond

“Tamela has repeatedly shown great attention and assistance to the provision of the Mental Health First Aid training (MHFA). In the past year, Tamela has coordinated the communication and registration of the MHFA training sessions offered to the campus community. I have appreciated her assistance and positive attitude during the setup for the training sessions.” — Kell Fujimoto

Cefalu, Anthony (Parking Services) is Stepping Beyond

“After HR Orientation, I visited Parking Services to purchase a permit. As an employee at the Athletics Department, I was unsure if purchasing an employee lot permit or Park & Ride permit was best. Anthony went out of his way to explain to me the price breakdown and benefits of each type of permit. Upon selecting the Park & Ride permit, he gave me tips (such as parking close to the Athletics Department Building to avoid parking between students) to have a better experience in the long run. He also provided reassurance of being able to come back to him to purchase the employee lot permit, if I knew I would be on campus more. Lastly, he explained what were the steps I would take moving forward to ensure parking ease.” — Khristine Lugo

Nguyen, Leon (Web & Campus Applications) is Stepping Beyond

“Leon, I can truly say has demonstrated collegiality behavior towards me since I started at SJSU. Every question I have, or request is done with courtesy and with incredibly promptness. Leon has gone above and beyond to assist me with questions, as I have had many, since I am new, that I needed answers to. Leon is always willing to call me up and spend the extra time with me to understand how to navigate a process I don’t understand. He will always address my problems with a smile and give me information I need in an comprehensive, understandable, manner. Truly, Leon, is a shinning Spartan. He has made my transition here at SJSU easier as a result. I am so thankful for all his hard work and kindness.” — John Merz

Chan, Amy (Finance) is Stepping Beyond

“Amy is an amazing employee. I couldn’t solve a problem on my own and I felt helpless. Amy walked me step by step to solve my issue. Amy is always willing to help. Anytime I run into problems – Amy is always there for me to get me through the difficult issues. Amy is the most dependable and reliable employee for the Finance Department. The Finance Department is very privileged to have Amy on their team. Amy is a problem solver and she has gone above and beyond her call of duty to help. She is just amazing! Thank you… Amy.” — Anonymous