Reuck, Teri (University Personnel) is Stepping Beyond

“Teri stepped in at the last minute to key some payroll changes prior to the last payroll cutoff of the year. She helped me get the data correct and made sure we had everything we needed to get the employee paid. In short, SHE ROCKS!!” — Anonymous

Odisho, Alphonse (Geology) is Stepping Beyond

“Alphonse goes out of his way in helping the Department from faculty, staff, and more importantly to our students. This past summer Alphonse out did even his own resourcefulness and helpfulness. Over the summer we needed to rearrange offices to make room for new faculty coming in the Fall. Three retired and one Faculty on FERP had to be packed and moved. One new Faculty was temporarily moved to have his office painted and then had to be moved back. Alphonse helped them move back into their offices late into the evening to meet deadlines. Here are some samples of how Alphonse has stepped beyond.” — Ginny Smith

“Coming to SJSU from other institutions I was just floored by Alphonse’s dedication to making me feel at home and dropping in to check on how I was doing and if I needed anything for my lab or office. I explained how it might be nice to have a corner desk and in 48 hours, voilà, he had came up with two small desks to create a corner desk. It fit perfectly. I teased him of course for being 1 millimeter off.”  — Dr. Ryan Portner

“Taking on field camp was a big challenge for me and I literally would not have been able to do it without his help. Everything and more I could have think of was in a box and organized so nicely. I only wish we could have given the box back to him in a similarly organized fashion. On top of all of this,  Alphonse is just a fantastic person with a wonderful heart and it has been great getting to know him.” — Dr. Ryan Portner

“For more than 25 years, Alphonse Odisho has provided invaluable support for my students and me. Knowing that I can always count on Alphonse when I need something for class or a research student who needs help with preparing their rock samples for analysis makes my job easier and supports student learning and their progress towards graduation. No matter how busy he is, Alphonse is ever willing to assist , and his efforts make the Geology Department a better place.” — Dr. Ellen Metzger

From Graduate Students:

“The sum of the little things Alphonse has done for me that has made a big difference:

  • I got a desk with no drawers – Within an hour, I had a small locking file cabinet to use.
  • Needed space to organize samples on a lab bench – a shelf appears.
  • Ergonomic issues with chair (feet not touching floor, but chair height appropriate for lab surface – a wooden box to rest feet on appears.
  • New desk with not much storage – another shelf appears.

I always say it’s no hurry and he always has my issue resolved within hours. I know how many things he has to do, and yet he manages to make so many people feel like a priority. I would imagine there are hundreds of examples like mine, if not literally thousands.” — Kirsten Bella-Pratt

“Alphonse is always doing at least half a dozen things at once to keep the department running! Despite being so busy, he will always answer questions and helps with requests as they are brought to him. He helps everyone in the department, from undergraduates to professors, keep labs in order, equipment operating, and items moving from place to place. :)” — Megan McEvers

“I was gone all summer. I had a hectic summer at that. I knew I wouldn’t be using the office anymore and that my desk probably needed to be cleaned out. I thought to myself that it was going to be a difficult task since there was a lot in the desk. Unfortunately, I didn’t get around to cleaning out my desk before the new semester. However, Alphonse had taken the time to perfectly pack up my desk contents for me in a neat way so it would be easier when I was able to make it there. It only took about 10 mins for me to go through the nicely packed box whereas if my desk wouldn’t had already been packed it would have taken me close to an hour. He didn’t have to be so organized about it but instead he took his time to nicely pack my stuff up. I am not sure but I am betting most people don’t take that sort of time out of their day to do that. I am thankful to him for that but also he has always been there to help whether it was to fix a desk or to move something he goes far beyond what most people do just to help. And therefore to me, Alphonse is definitely a Spartan who steps beyond.”                      — Stephanie Meursing

Year-End Deadlines and Reminders

As the end of the calendar year approaches, we want to remind you of some important deadlines and information.

December 11: Address Change Deadline for W2s
December 11 is the last day to update your mailing address in MySJSU (PeopleSoft) to ensure your W2 is mailed to the correct location. The State Controller’s Office will mail W2s at the end of January 2018.

December 20: Absence Entry/Approval Deadline
December 20 is the last day to enter and approve December absences. To ensure accurate and timely pay for the December pay period, all absences for both salaried and hourly employees must be entered and approved no later than 12:00 p.m. on Wednesday, December 20, 2017.

December 29: Campus Closure
The campus is closed on December 29. All employees must use vacation, personal holiday or compensatory time off for the December 29 campus closure. Bargaining unit employees, other than 12-month faculty, should work with their manager if they do not have enough time to cover the closure date. MPPs, confidential employees and 12-month faculty are required to take leave.

December 29: Paycheck Distribution
University Personnel (UPD Building/3rd Floor) will be open from 9:00 – 10:00 a.m. on Friday, December 29 for employees who wish to pick up their December paycheck. Employees must bring a photo ID and may only pick up their own check. Department contacts can pick up paychecks when the campus reopens on January 2, 2018 from 9:00 – 11:00 a.m.

January 1, 2018: Open Enrollment Validation
All open enrollment changes will be effective January 1, 2018. Please review your December pay stub to confirm your changes have been processed. If you have any questions regarding open enrollment changes, please contact your benefits representative (See Your HR Representatives for contact information).

Chandrasekar, Prabha (College of Business) is Stepping Beyond

“Since my first day here Prabha has been one of the most helpful colleagues I have had. She is willing to assist when she can and she is always willing to work in a collaborative manner. Prabha is willing to go that extra mile to make me feel more assured and confident. Prabha calls me and checks up on me regularly to flush out stuff for me and to see how else she can help. I appreciate Prabha so much and I am so grateful for all she has done for me so far.” — John Merz

Roldan, Malu (College of Business) is Stepping Beyond

“Since I joined SJSU a month ago, Malu has been instrumental in my transition into my new role. She has been more than just my manager, she has been my cheerleader, advocate, and always willing to explain and help. She has been the most gracious boss and compassionate leader. Coming from a different city, and adjusting to so much so soon, having her in my corner is one of things I truly appreciate. I think if I didn’t have Malu’s leadership, I wouldn’t be adjusting as well I have been in my short time here.” — John Merz