Spartans Stepping Beyond for the Bursar’s Office

“I am writing to thank you for your assistance this week with helping the Bursar’s Office issue ID cards to our students. We were swamped with students on Monday with very long lines waiting to receive their student ID cards. Fortunately, by Tuesday, we had figured out a system to give students appointments so that we could regulate the lines into more manageable segments, which is continuing into next week. I was overwhelmed with your generosity to just pitch in at a moment’s notice and do what needed to be done to help us out, despite the fact that you had your own responsibilities and jobs to do. It was a true show of spirit and willingness to step in and help out no matter what – a totally Spartan thing to do. It makes me so proud to work with such outstanding colleagues, which is why I love working here. Thank you so much. We could not have done it without you.” — Jennifer Kraskouskas

Drew Agbay | Student Outreach & Recruitment
Margaret Deiss | Bursar’s Office
Marna Genes | Finance
Deanna Gonzales | Undergrad Admissions & Outreach
John Hardin | Bursar’s Office
Jillana Hart | ES Tech Impl & Comm
Jennifer Sclafani | ES Tech Impl & Comm
Dolores Lorigo | Bursar’s Office
Coleetta Mcelroy | Enrollment Services
Andrew Nguyen | Finance
Joe Pinheiro | Undergrad Admissions & Outreach
Shauna Rios | Finance
Bernadette Rodgers | ES Tech Impl & Comm
Jasjit Singh | Finance
Geri Soto | Financial Aid & Scholarships


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Cowan, Cheryl (Graduate Studies) is Stepping Beyond

“Cheryl did a magnificent job pulling together a team of faculty and staff from around the university to organize a meaningful and engaging orientation for our new graduate students. Her dedication and attention to detail resulted in a flawless program for more than 1000 new students.” — Thalia Anagnos

Albrecht, Dana (Communicative Disorders & Sci) is Stepping Beyond

“Dana has the rare capacity to switch from addressing and steering community, fellow faculty, and staff with the “same” genuine, effective listening and professionalism. This is expected of faculty, but Prof. Albrecht is consistent at a higher level. Dana does not vary from the standard of excellence, she holds herself and others accountable while leading as an example.” — Anonymous