Falter, Ben (Student Health Center) is Stepping Beyond

I had a larger number of struggling students and Ben was calling and emailing them even though he had no time. He was calling them from somewhere when the campus was closed for air quality. These students mentioned to me how helpful it was to confer with him and these are students with¬†extended illnesses, depression, poor grades, and parent deaths. I’m very happy to have Ben for issues beyond my expertise.” – Elizabeth Capener

Kato, Cindy (Acad Advising & Retention Svcs) is Stepping Beyond

Cindy Kato goes above and beyond every single day. She makes sure that every incoming frosh is placed in the best set of courses to ensure that their first semester is successful and that they are on a path to graduate in 4 years.

This last year she has been a key player in developing the many new systems needed to successfully implement the new CSU Executive Order 1110. She must have attended 1000 meetings, but always with a smile. She left each meeting with a long list of action items that she always completed. Thank you Cindy for all you do for SJSU!” – Thalia Anagnos

Peter, Ken (Political Science) is Stepping Beyond

Ken has provided extraordinary leadership through his service on SJSU’s academic senate. His thoughtful, careful, and thorough analysis of issues has led to the development of university policy recommendations that have been exemplary.” – Anonymous

Reisz, Tom (Early Assessment Program) is Stepping Beyond

“Tom Reisz has been instrumental in implementing the new CSU Executive Order 1110. This very important initiative, designed to improve the success or our incoming frosh, required a monumental effort to bring together all of the relevant stakeholders on campus and get them working together productively to redesign many systems. SJSU could not have done this without him. He definitely stepped beyond!” – Thalia Anagnos

Brown, Calvin (MLK Library Facility) is Stepping Beyond

“When the campus was closed due to the bad air-quality, I had to come into the library to pick up my laptop. When I did, I saw Calvin cleaning the student study areas with a BIG Smile. When I asked what he was doing on campus, he chuckled and said he was just doing his part.” — Adriana Poo