Crowley, Joel (Distribution Services) is Stepping Beyond

“Joel is always extremely helpful when we need him. In this case, we needed to retrieve a piece of mail that was sent out. He rushed in and found the item and returned it to our department. He is always sensitive to urgent issues and ready to step beyond to help us in a pinch. Thanks Joel!!” –Kim Gamblin

Martinez, Claudia (University Personnel) is Stepping Beyond

“Multiple customers have come into the office requiring assistance, and they have needed someone to translate for them. Claudia has enthusiastically volunteered on multiple occasions, often sitting with customers for thirty minutes at a time to translate documents for them.” –Anonymous

Reuter, Diane (Office of the Registrar) is Stepping Beyond

Always available to help a student for anything.” — Anonymous

“Diana is great at helping students. She has a customer service mind and always keeps up with our high demand and high volume of workload in our office. She has been getting many 5 star ratings from students’ text and tell for her service. She is a great team player and is willing to step in to help the team finish up the tasks at hand. I find her very pleasant to work with.” — Sally Ordonez

Davis, Zachary (Office of the Registrar) is Stepping Beyond

Zachary is a very well rounded individual and pleasant to work with. He does help do line control for our counter staff, even if we do not ask. He assists students in any way he can and if not, he finds the appropriate dept/staff/faculty member. He is a definite team player and we are lucky to have him on our Registrar team! =)” — Diana Reuter

Crawford, Jerry (Identity & Info Security) is Stepping Beyond

I asked Jerry, the day before the All Staff Meeting for FDO, for help in the IT portion of the prep for this meeting. He is always there, even at the last minute, to assist and make sure everything is working. I can’t say enough about Jerry and his Helping and Caring attitude and work ethic. Thank you so much Jerry for today and always.” — Barbara Black