Liu, Michelle (Academic Scheduling) is Stepping Beyond

“My department had an urgent request for a location to hold training for our staff. Michelle wasted no time in making sure that we had a suitable room to meet our needed accommodations. Michelle, thank you for always being quick and efficient with your responses!” –Anonymous

Venkateswaran,Hari Hara Sudhan (Enterprise Solutions) is Stepping Beyond

“My coworkers and I were deciding what to do about a large box that had just been delivered and Hari stepped up to provide assistance. He took time out of his day to help with such a menial task, but it meant a lot to us! We want to thank him for going above and beyond his duties to help his fellow coworkers!” — Anonymous

Skarbek, Jason (Distribution Services) is Stepping Beyond

“Jason was delivering a large and heavy package that didn’t even look like it would fit through the door. Jason went out of his way to figure out how to move it to our desired location instead of leaving it behind for us to deal with. (We were at a complete loss of what to do.) Thank you Jason for going above and beyond your delivery requirements!!” — Anonymous

Vasquez, Anita (University Personnel) is Stepping Beyond

“I can’t thank Anita enough for assisting me with establishing a new insurance provider. This was after the benefit close period and trying to establish new coverage right before the Christmas break so my family would be covered January 1. Unfortunately, the plan I had originally selected was not what was expected but Anita became my champion providing fantastic customer service and walking the process with me. Anita didn’t ever let me feel like I was driving her nuts with all the phone calls and emails. She’s a true professional. Thank you Anita!” —¬†Barb Keltner

Nguyen, Chi (Undergraduate Studies) is Stepping Beyond

Chi’s work (along with that of the two members of her team) in creating transfer credit rules for the university has been a game changer for SJSU. Each week Chi and her team complete thousands of rules in PeopleSoft so that when students transfer to SJSU they get credit for the work they have completed. This helps ensure that students enroll in the right classes so that they progress toward graduation.

This last year Chi helped test and implement a new OnBase system to keep track of which rules need to be written. Due to Chi and her team’s diligence, transfer credit for incoming Spring 2019 was posted by January of 2019. This process used to take 6 to 9 months. Chi, thank you for what you do to support student success and improve graduation rates.” —¬†Thalia Anagnos