HR Year-End Deadlines and Reminders; New Calendar

It’s hard to believe we’re far enough into the fall semester to start talking about the end of the calendar year, but the time is upon us. Listed below are a variety of deadlines and reminders from Workforce Planning, Employee Services, Payroll and Benefits. We tried to put all year-end information in one email for ease of review. Please make sure you forward these to others in your departments who may be impacted by these dates.
We will be releasing a new calendar next week on our Calendars webpage that highlights these dates, as well as ongoing deadlines, training sessions, events, and other critical HR information. This calendar will be made public so you can also view it via your Google calendar as well.
Year-End Deadlines and Reminders

December 6: Last day to submit a response to an Approval to Extend Offer email for the final employee start date of December 12. All complete responses must be received by 8:00 a.m. on this day. Incomplete responses will delay the employee’s start date.

December 7: Last day to submit funding, department and approval structure changes for December payroll. Changes received after this date will be processed for the January 2017 pay period.

December 9: Last day to update your mailing address in PeopleSoft (MySJSU) to ensure your W2 is mailed to the correct location. The State Controller’s Office will mail W2s in January 2017.

December 12: Last day a fully-approved Request to Recruit, including a fully-signed Position Description, can be received in order for the job to be posted by December 16. Requests to Recruit received after this date will be posted in January 2017. As a reminder, a vacancy will not be posted without a signed PD.

December 12: Last new employee start date for 2016. This includes emergency hires, casual workers, and regular or temporary employees.

December 14: Last date to submit a response to an Approval to Extend Offer email for employees with a start date of January 9, 2017 in order for the offer letter to be sent before the holiday break. For employee start dates after January 9th, responses received after this date, the offer letter will be sent to the candidate when we return to campus in January 2017. Incomplete responses will delay the employee’s start date.

December 22: Last day to enter and approve December absences. To ensure accurate and timely pay on the January 3, 2017 payday, all absences for both salaried and hourly employees must be entered and approved no later than 12:00 p.m. on Thursday, December 22, 2016.

December 23: Expiration date of International Student Assistants’ Employment Verification Cards (EVCs). To receive a new EVC card for spring, students must obtain a Spring Work Permit from the International Student & Scholar Services Office and bring it, their Fall EVC card, and their Tower Card to Human Resources. If you have any questions, please contact your Employee Services Representative.

December 30: Campus is closed. All employees must use vacation, personal holiday or compensatory time off for the December 30 campus closure. Bargaining unit employees, other than 12-month faculty, should work with their manager if they do not have enough time to cover the closure date. MPPs, confidential employees and 12-month faculty are required to take leave.

January 1, 2017: All open enrollment changes will be effective January 1, 2017. Please review your December pay stub to confirm your changes have been processed. If you have any questions regarding your open enrollment changes, please contact your benefits representative.

January 9, 2017: First new employee start date and first New Employee Orientation for 2017.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Your HR Representatives in the appropriate unit. We are here to help.

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