Free Flu Shots for SJSU Faculty and Staff

Flu season is just around the corner. The CDC recommends a yearly flu vaccine as the first and most important step in protecting against the flu virus. We are pleased to offer free flu shots to our employees on campus through Well U’s partnership with Kaiser Permanente. The flu shots will be given Tuesday, October 18 and Wednesday, October 19 in Clark 547 from 9:00 to 4:00.

You don’t need to be a Kaiser member to participate. Visit Kaiser’s Online Flu Shot Scheduler to create an account and make an appointment. If you received a flu shot with us last year you should already have an account. Sign in at the top of the screen (if you’re like me and forgot your password, you can easily reset it).

Enter sign up code SJSU if prompted or search by zip code 95192.

Contact Julie Inouye Wong,, for more information. Flu shots are for faculty and staff only, flu shots for students will be available through the Student Health Center. Space is limited so make your appointment right away!

Perez, Ramon (College of Applied Sci & Arts) is Stepping Beyond

“We were having a lot of challenges finding space for our Title IX Compliance Training for our 100 Spartan athletes. Our original space was not able to accommodate our needs, and the training was scheduled in 2 weeks. We were running out of options and did not want to reschedule this important training. When I found out that Kinesiology had a gymnasium, I immediately called Ramon for help. Ramon was absolutely amazing! In a day’s time, he had contacted the Chair for Kinesiology and we now have space reserved for our training. Ramon’s willingness and quick follow-up helped us in a bind and I can’t thank him enough!” — Stacey Elsibai

Orozco, Cathaline (Parking Services) is Stepping Beyond

“I deal with Parking Services on a regular basis. Cathy Orozco is not only expedient and efficient, she is very courteous and gracious. Most of the time, I forget protocol, submit the wrong paperwork, yet need parking passes “right away”. She kindly reminds me of the process and quickly meets my immediate need. This greatly helps the foundation of our university. Many of our guests are donors and visitors who meet with us to make a contribution to San Jose State. I know I can always count on Cathy to come through no matter what the situation!” — Kimberly Boudreaux

Piche, Cody (Spartan Shops) is Stepping Beyond

“Cody was working at Jamba Juice in Just Below, and I had used Tapingo to order my drink, but somehow it didn’t go through so when I arrived, there was no drink. I couldn’t confirm whether or not the charge had hit my bank and offered to just pay for it but Cody was kind enough to assume it was a technical issue and made the drink for me at no additional charge. He didn’t have to do that but I greatly appreciated his excellent customer service. Helping and Caring at its finest!” — Anonymous

Arana, Peggy (Center for Communications and Learning Leadership) is Stepping Beyond

“Peggy Arana did a fantastic job organizing the Community Connections Fair on 9/7/2016. Not only did she organize and set up all the vendors, I saw her multiple times out there at the tables checking to make sure the vendors had everything they needed. In the heat of the day in 93 degree weather around 1:07 pm, I see Peggy Arana lugging a huge cooler around with ice and water bottles going from table to table handing the vendors water. That kind of dedication is going above and beyond the task at hand and she is a great Administrative Support Coordinator for the Center of Communications and Learning and Leadership Department. People like Peggy Arana deserve to be recognized for all their hard work.” — Anonymous