Soto, Reuben (Human Resources) is Stepping Beyond

I would like to share with you my appreciation of the responsive and effective work of Reuben Soto. In short: When I transition from full-time faculty to FERP there were a few hiccups with CalPERS and the benefits (health, dental). When I contacted Rueben on the two occasions he (1) returned my call immediately, (2) got to work on the issues immediately, and (3) reported back the success of the fix within a few hours.

A wonderful level of effective service-mindedness.” –Sigurd Meldal

Pham, Tung (University Library) is Stepping Beyond

“As always, Tung has stepped above and beyond this week to be sure that the Library building is ready for our customers…he came in very early when the Fire Marshall was here testing our elevators and last night he stayed late to make sure that everything was taken care of after the tragic event. No one has to ask Tung to step up, he just sees what needs to be done and does it. I very much appreciate all of his support to make King Library a great place for our public and university patrons.” –Luann Budd

LifeMatters February Webinars

Making Tax Returns Less Taxing – (LIVE) Tuesday, February 16, 2016, TWO OPTIONS: 9:00 – 10:00 a.m. OR 12:00 – 1:00 p.m. Pacific
Filing tax returns can be very stressful. Let us relieve some of that stress by tackling common questions and concerns about the filing process. In this webinar, a tax specialist will discuss key decisions and mistakes to avoid with regard to selecting the correct tax forms, determining filing status, and making deductions and adjustments.

Get Motivated! – For employees (PRE-RECORDED)*
You set goals and then you procrastinate. You create a to-do list but then you don’t follow through. Sound familiar? If you’ve been caught in this cycle, take advantage of the new year and make a commitment to finding your purpose…NOW!

Fostering a Collaborative Environment – For managers (PRE-RECORDED)*
Have you ever struggled to gain cooperation from others? Inspiring people to work together to accomplish a common goad is essential to leading your team productively. This session highlights the importance of setting the ground rules and establishing effective communication to create a collaborative environment.

To access webinars:

• Go to the LifeMatters website and follow the directions on that page. Please sign in with your company password spartans. (Managers add a 2 after your company password.)
• For live webinars, click on the link for the webinar you would like to attend and follow the registration instructions. You must register prior to the start of the webinar to attend.
• Transcripts for non-captioned, archived webinars are available upon request.