Aldridge, Kim (ES Tech Impl & Comm) is Stepping Beyond

“Kim is always looking for ways to improve the way we work and fix issues more efficiently. Kim diligently documents issues and resolutions in the Issues Log. The log now serves as an invaluable tool to fix issues quickly and it’s the first place I go to find a solution when an issue comes up. Kim’s diligence to documentation has saved me time and has made my work so much more efficient. Thank you so much!” — Lisa Chen

Perez, Phil (Distribution Services) is Stepping Beyond

“Special delivery arrangements had to be made for a shipment of artificial turf that was going to Athletics. At 15 feet long, the 7 rolls were too long to be delivered to Distribution Services. Phil tapped into his knowledge from a previous job to help determine the best way to off-load the rolls of turf. However, the equipment we had didn’t work out, and Phil helped devise a new plan by using the equipment we had in a different way. It took more than an hour to get the rolls unloaded, but it was accomplished through maximum Spartan effort!” — Sonja Bowsky

Koh, Derrick (Testing) is Stepping Beyond

“We had a shortage of staff to review the status of the remedial freshman at the end of Fall 2016. Derrick volunteered to help. He looked up records for many of the students, determined their placement, and messaged them multiple times about which classes to take. Derrick’s detailed work was essential to ensuring that this large cohort of students were enrolled in the right classes for Spring 2017. Thank you Derrick.” — Thalia Anagnos

Chen, Lisa (Human Resources) is Stepping Beyond (2)

“Lisa jumped in when something needed to be posted to the HR website immediately and our primary webmaster was out of the office. She didn’t hesitate to get things done and maintained her always positive attitude while doing it. As always, Lisa was a team player and exemplified the true spirit of helping and caring AND Spartan pride. In short, SHE ROCKS.” — Carrie Medders

“I want to thank Lisa for helping me with developing queries I desperately needed to do my job. For years, I had to track this information manually, which was tedious and often had mistakes. Being able to run queries monthly has saved me so much time and effort and allowed me to focus on other important work. Thank you Lisa for your patience! You are awesome!” — Yolanda


Frank, Amanda (Human Resources) is Stepping Beyond

“Amanda is an exceptional colleague. I have worked with her for a few years now, and she has always assisted me and my department with the utmost professionalism. Amanda is my top “go to” person in HR. She is always responsive, patient, and looks to help us meet our department’s needs. I want to thank Amanda for being a wonderful colleague, and always being there to help us. Thank you Amanda for your help!” — Yolanda Fernandez