Franco, Ana is Stepping Beyond

“Ana is an incredible student to work with.  Everyday, she inspires me to be the best counselor that I can be!  Her kind soul, passion for making positive change, and motivation to help others really is the definition of leading by example.

She has an amazing story of achievement and I know that wherever she ends up, the school will be so lucky to have her a part of their team.  Thank you Ana for being such an inspiration to all of us in EDCO!” –Anonymous

Delfino, Michele (HR) is Stepping Beyond

“Michele is always on top of the various technical letters (guidelines from the CO) that come into HR and always does her due diligence to ensure all steps are followed in a timely manner. I am so appreciative of her attention to details and her willingness to do whatever it takes to ensure the department is in compliance with these letters. It benefits not just HR, but the entire campus community.” –Anonymous

Farooq, Wasifyar (Aviation) is Stepping Beyond

“Wasifyar Farooq demonstrates the true characteristics of a SJSU Spartan. He is selfless and willing to help out another student by the drop of a hat. Wasif represents the Aviation department in a positive way and deserves to be recognized. Several Spartans thank him for his great personality.: –Anonymous

Gamblin, Kim (Accounting) is Stepping Beyond

“Kim was instrumental in helping me meet a project deadline by providing me with the necessary information in less than hour! Despite the short turn around time, Kim answered her phone with a smile and actively listened to my request to ensure that she is gathering the correct information.

Thanks again Kim. You deserve this Spartan Stepping Beyond!” –Carwin Liang

Inouye Wong, Julie (HR) is Stepping Beyond

“Julie has been a fantastic organizer and presenter during New Employee Orientation and Spartan 101. Her knowledge of the campus is impressive – she knows so much it feels like she started working here since the campus opened in 1857! She displays her enthusiasm for Vision 2017 – especially Spartan Pride. I am thankful to start off my career at SJSU by having a couple hours of face time with Julie during trainings. To me she is the ideal Spartan that passionately serves the staff so the staff can work to the best of their abilities to serve our students. Thank you for the boost Julie!” –Rachel De Vera