Hubbs, Brian (Career Center) is Stepping Beyond

“Brian is always there to help the office with our IT issues no matter how big or small the problem is. He has a great attitude when dealing with staff, never says he is too busy to help.” — Anonymous

Soliz, Andrew (Career Center) is Stepping Beyond

“Andrew was very diligent and involved in my career search process, and went above and beyond to assure that I was being fairly dealt with by the Adecco recruiters. Thanks to his follow-up emails and phone calls to his Adecco contacts, I was able to successfully book the rounds of interviews that led to me receiving my job offer from Google! Andrew is a credit to the career center and a valuable resource for alumni like me. Thank you!” — Hector Lorente

Carrera, Magdalena (Human Resources) is Stepping Beyond

“During a walk through campus, Maggie went above and beyond the call of duty when she seamlessly intercepted a bad situation between one of our students and her companion. The student was being verbally battered by her companion and instead of just walking by and minding her own business; Maggie stopped and very calmly introduced herself as a member of our department and asked the couple if they needed assistance.

She let them know that the Police Department was just a few feet away from them and that they could go there. The student’s companion continued walking ahead as the student stopped to hear what Maggie had to say. Maggie asked the student if she felt safe and let her know about all her options on campus to stay safe.

Maggie’s calm energy and soothing demeanor changed the bad situation around. What seemed like a long time to me were only a few minutes that somehow almost magically diffused the situation.

Maggie is AMAZING! Right at that moment she became my Hero!!!”

— Rosalina Calderon

Fidelity Investments – One on One Counseling Sessions

One on One Representatives from Fidelity Investments will be on campus to provide in-person consultations for faculty and staff. Fidelity Investments will assist you with enrollment in the voluntary CSU 403(b) retirement plan and answer questions about retirement savings and investment options. Appointments will be available on Wednesday June 15, Thursday July 21, and Tuesday August 30, 2016 in Human Resources.

We recommend before an individual one on one appointment, please go to and create a username and password. If you have questions regarding an existing account, please bring a recent statement to your appointment.

To schedule a one on one consultation please visit: