ScholarShare 529 Double the Joy Matching Event

ScholarShare wants to help you make the holidays twice as bright. Open a ScholarShare 529 College Savings Plan account with $50 on December 11 (and sign up for ongoing automatic contributions of $25 or more per month), and they’ll match your $50. There will be a ScholarShare information session from 10:00 to 11:00 on December 11 in Clark 547. Register in PeopleSoft using course code TRFE36. The representative will be available till 4:00 on December 11 to help open your account.

529 college savings plans offer an easy and tax-advantage way to save for post-secondary education. Your funds can be used for higher education at colleges and schools across the country and many around the world. The is a lot of flexibility built in! Anyone can open an account or gift one. ScholarShare provides an easy way to save through direct-deposit via your paycheck.

See the Scholar Share Double the Joy flyer for more information.

Bogan, Courtney (Human Resources) is Stepping Beyond

“It is hard to articulate how amazing Courtney has been to work with over the last few months as I have worked to transition into all things Work Study and POI.

Courtney is unbelievably cheerful in all of our interactions. She is organized and thorough, which helps to keep me on my toes to ensure things line up right. It is a genuine pleasure to communicate back and forth with Courtney when I have questions about anything. She is extremely patient and helpful. I appreciate her timeliness in answering calls and questions is admirable. Thank you for all you do, lady!” –Stephanie Womack

Aguayo, Jonathan (Spartan Catering) is Stepping Beyond

“The day after our big event, the Spartan Service Celebration, Spartan Catering called our office to let us know we could pick up the beautiful flower arrangements from the event to display in our office. I brought a rolling crate to transport them, but only one of the two arrangements fit in the crate. Jonathan graciously offered to carry the other arrangement to my office. It was huge and heavy, and he definitely went above and beyond to help me out. Thank you Jonathan!” –Julie Inouye Wong

Talley, Joni (Registrar’s Office) is Stepping Beyond

“Joni cares about students success and education. She thinks outside the box to help students, providing them solutions to move forward. Joni has been on campus for 30 years. She initiated the chat project, making the Registrar’s the ONLY department with a chat option. Joni is fair and firm. She invests in her employees to ensure they get the best training so that they can provide the best service our students. I am so glad to have opportunities to work with Joni. She is one of the role models on campus that I would absolutely hate if I missed the opportunity to know her.” –Jackie Nguyen