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Resetting Your SJSUOne Password

March 8th, 2012

[This posted updated June 3, 2013] Your SJSUOne password is now the password you use to log onto MySJSU as well as campus wireless and other applications like SJSU E-mail and Canvas. SJSUOne Passwords are only good for just over five months, SJSUOne Passwords have to be reset every 180 days, that’s between 5 and 6 months. You have three options to reset your password, if one does not work; please try the next one!

If SJSUOne login is not successful please go to the following link for help, and more information, about using this system:

or, if that does not work:

If you have to set a new, or reset a lost, SJSUOne password, there is a PDF with the procedure here. It can sometimes be helpful to print this procedure so you can read it as you follow the process on your computer or portable device.

Please make note the Password Requirements. Often, reset failures can be traced to the attempted use of incorrect passwords.

Example Password: 1Spartans!

REMEMBER – you have other options to reset your password, if one of the above does not work; try the next one!


If the first option does not work for assistance with your SJSU ID and/or password, please follow this link and complete this form. The Information Support Services (ISS) group will respond to you via e-mail – usually within 2 business days. Please do not send multiple requests. All fields are required.


Are you on campus? If so, you can come visit us. If you need help with this, or have forgotten the answers to your five questions, please come to the ITSS Help Desk on the First Floor of Clark Hall, room 102, during our normal business hours for assistance if you are here. Tell us you were unable to reset your own password, even though you tried.

I am sorry, but we do not have the authority at this help desk to reset passwords for people who are not here in person.


Call our ITSS Help Desk at (408) 924-2377 during normal business hours. Our location and hours are here on our Web site:

When you have any future requests for technical support from our this ITSS Help Desk please remember to make the request by either creating a ticket in iSupport and sending it to us, or please go to the following URL to create a ticket for us. Let us know the steps you have already tried. Please be sure to include your SJSU ID Card Number in the ticket:

Changes coming to MySJSU

February 29th, 2012

You will soon be using your SJSUOne password for logging into MySJSU!

UPDATED March 1, 2012 at 3:41 p.m.

Important Changes Coming Soon.
A major upgrade to MySJSU is coming in March and you need to be aware of the following information:

  • You will be unable to log into MySJSU from between 5:00 p.m. Thursday, March 1 thru Tuesday morning March 6 (exact time to be determined).
  • You will see a new version of the MySJSU website on Friday, March 2 but you will be unable to log in until Tuesday morning, March 6.
  • On Tuesday March 6 you will notice a new look and feel to the system. Tutorials will be available then to assist you.
  • When the system comes back online, you will be able to log into MySJSU using your your 9-digit SJSU ID number (Tower ID) and your SJSUOne password.
  • If you have not yet activated your SJSUOne account: please do so now at the following link, SJSUOne Activate Your Account. You will need your 9-digit SJSU ID number (Tower ID), your birth date and your mailing address.
  • If your SJSUOne password was already activated, but has expired: please follow the process at the link here!
  • If that fails, please come to Clark Hall 102 during the business hours of the ITSS Help Desk, or call (408) 924-2377 or submit a ticket at the link here!
  • NEW APPLICANTS: If you are an applicant to SJSU, not yet a student, and you are having problems with activating your SJSUOne account: We cannot resolve this issue at the ITSS Help Desk, but there is another Help Desk at SJSU that can. You should contact them. Please send your information to them, via an e-mail, to:

    They should be able to resolve this matter.

Mac OS X update causing problems with SJSU Wireless

October 24th, 2011
Here is what we know about this situation. We will update this post as we get more information. This seems to be affecting many SJSU Users.
SJSU Help Desk staffer Tony Ly reports:
In the past week or so there have been many issues from customers arising with the inability to get to the Wi-Fi portal log-in page within Mac OS X 10.7.2. Customers reported the prior point updates (10.7.0 and 10.7.1) worked and that the portal log-in pages appeared without issue. They specifically say that the page either stays a blank white screen or stuck on the redirecting page and never redirects to the actual portal log-in page. There seems to be a widespread issue relating to the recent (10.7.2) system update.
Provided here are some links that point to similar issues from others users across the United States/Other Countries: – Posts 1 and 2 specifically mention issues with an authentication method such as the one used on campus. Others mention problems as well but don’t specifically mention if it has to do with an authentication method. – This page talks about a large amount of people at a school is unable to connect to the campus Wi-Fi after updating to the 10.7.2 update.In this post it also cites links to other threads that are having the same issue. – In this thread it mentions an issue logging into Wi-Fi at a Public Library that uses an Authentication Method before being able to access the internet.
These are the web sources of people having issues with the recent Mac OS X 10.7.2 update involving an Authentication Method. Is there a workaround for this? Because this is a widespread issue now.
-Tony Ly, SJSU Help Desk

SJSUOne for Fall 2011 Students

July 19th, 2011

Fall students may, or may not, be able to activate their SJSUOne accounts. How do you tell if you can activate your SJSUOne account?

  • Step one try this process.
  • Step two, if step one fails, create a ticket at this URL. Ask if your SJSUOne account is able to be activated at this time. Be SURE to include your Tower Card Number (Student ID) in the ticket.

SJSUOne issue at SJSU

July 15th, 2011

This issue is resolved!

Friday July 15 11:40 a.m. – We are getting widespread reports of people not being able to access SJSUOne account management and possibly other SJSUOne resources from off campus. This issue has been reported to University Technology Services and they are investigating it.

UPDATE 12:19 p.m. – We have received seven calls all from people off campus on wired Internet connections. This issue is being investigated.

UPDATE 3:25 p.m. – This issue is possibly resolved. It seems to be working for some off-site customers and maybe not others. Please call us at (408) 924-2377 if you cannot see this page.

UPDATE 3:59 p.m. – The only reports we have of this problem being mostly on computers on Comcast services networks.

UPDATE 5:18 p.m. – It is likely a Domain Name Service (DNS) issue and it will resolve itself over time as DNS over the Internet updates itself.

UPDATE Saturday July 16 8:15 a.m. – This is still a confirmed problem from Comcast services networks.

UPDATE Monday July 18 – This issue has still been reported by some customers.