Spartan Eats Catering Invoices are Due Now for FY 2018-2019

  • All invoices for Spartan Eats dated prior to May 15th are due now. Please ensure that payment has been made via your ProCard or a Direct Pay Request no later than May 20th to ensure processing in FY18/19.
  • All invoices for Spartan Eats dated after May 15th must be paid via Direct Pay Requests submitted by June 14th to ensure processing in FY18/19.

Please remember to include your hospitality expense justification form. Thank you for your timely attention to these invoices and prompt payment.

New Associate Director of Accounts Payable

Finance & Business Services is pleased to announce that Kim Gamblin has accepted the position as Associate Director of Accounts Payable. Kim has an extensive career in accounts payable management for both public and private businesses and has been a Spartan for the past eight years.

Kim will be directing the Accounts Payable team on behalf of San Jose State University with a focus on service, efficiencies, and innovation. Kim joined San Jose State University in 2012 and has had successively responsible roles including her most recent as the interim Associate Director. Prior to joining the university, she spent ten years as the Accounts Payable Manager for a local water industries company. She is well versed in higher education accounts payable trends, procard management, and staff leadership. Her skills and experience will benefit the campus and departments as we work together on effective utilization of our resources.

Please congratulate Kim Gamblin on her new role within Finance & Business Services.

ProCard/GoCard Statement Reconciliation Submission Tips

Thank you to all the Cardholders who submitted their completed ProCard/GoCard Statement Reconciliations using the new paperless submission process. We hope you had a positive experience in submitting the reconciliation.

To improve Cardholders’ experience for future submissions, below are some helpful tips:

  1. Unless the file size is greater than 10MB, please consolidate your itemized receipts and backup documentation into one file. Do not create a file for each type of documentation.
  2. Save ProCard/GoCard Statement in a file separate from the one with itemized receipts/backup documents.
  3. The ProCard/GoCard invoice number, invoice date, and cardholder’s name and  EmpID can be found at the top section in the card statement. (Refer to Figure 1)
  4. When filling out the ProCard/GoCard submission form in the FTS portal, the name and contact information of the cardholder will populate in fields when their EmpID is entered. If they do not, then check the Employee ID to ensure it was entered correctly.
  5. Cardholders and Approving Officials must provide electronic signature on the statement using DocuSign. Scanned documents with wet signatures will be returned to Cardholders for proper submission.

For assistance with the new submission process, we have updated the ProCard/GoCard Reconciliation process guide, scheduled additional Finance Open Lab sessions, and prepared a video tutorial on using DocuSign for signatures.

If you have any questions, please contact Finance Support at or 4-1558. Thank you.

Figure 1: Statement header displays the invoice number, invoice date and cardholder’s information. Click on image to enlarge.

ProCard/GoCard Statement