NEW! Submit Tower Foundation Transactions via FTS

Beginning October 1, 2020, departments are now able to submit invoices and PO requests against Tower Foundation accounts through FTS. This new ability is temporary, through March 31, 2021.  All approvals and supporting documentation and approvals must adhere to Tower Foundation guidelines. However, the transaction process will now follow SJSU’s normal procedures.

To meet FTS identification and documentation requirements, please see the instructions below.

  • If requesting payment of an invoice, submit a Direct Payment request
  • If requesting a purchase order, submit a Requisition
  • If requesting a reimbursement for an SJSU employee, submit a Reimbursement request.
  • If requesting payment of an invoice related to an EXISTING Tower PO submit via a direct payment, referencing the Tower PO# in addition TOWER TRANSACTION.
  • The words TOWER TRANSACTION must be included in the Header Comments field of the FTS request.
  • FUNDING: All transactions must use Fund 70000 and must identify the Project ID associated with the funding Tower Foundation Account, which will generate an automatic invoice to Tower Foundation. 
  • Supporting documentation to support the request must be uploaded to the FTS transaction.

Finance and Business Services and Tower Foundation will work together to verify availability of funds and update account balances each month.

For assistance and clarification on completing transactions in FTS, please contact FinanceConnect. For inquiries related to submitted transactions, please contact Sara Tipton in Payment Services.

Enhancement to FTS Available Today!

A new feature is available for the requisition, direct payment, and employee reimbursement modules in FTS: the ability to select the appropriate approver for your transaction!

Before today, when a transaction was submitted for approval, all individuals with authority to approve for the funding DeptID would receive an email notification indicating a requisition, direct payment or reimbursement was ready for approval. Now, only the selected approver will receive email notification.

Upon saving a transaction, a drop-down list of individuals with authority to approve for the funding DeptID will display. Requesters will select the appropriate approver and submit for approval.

Note for Approving Officials: With this enhancement, notifications are specific to the recipient and require action. If you previously enabled gmail filters to reduce FTS notifications from filling your inbox, you may want to consider removing them.

Have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact FinanceConnect

Reminder: New Supplier Request Process

A big thank you to all of our early adopters of our new supplier request process! We’re sending a quick reminder that SUGGESTED VENDOR is no longer available for selection in FTS. Alternatively, please utilize one of the following supplier IDs created for specific use cases:

  • Supplier NEW: Select this supplier ID when you’ve identified a supplier you intend to do business with or that you want to pay but the supplier ID does not exist in FTS.
  • Supplier TO BID: Select this supplier ID when submitting a requisition for goods/services that meet or exceed CSU bid thresholds and require a competitive bid process. This can translate to informal or formal bidding, OR instances where  you have requested the Procurement team to assist you in sourcing or identifying a supplier for a good or service.
  • Supplier NO $ VALUE: Select this supplier when submitting a requisition for a contract or a document that requires the signature of the University, but it has no dollar value. Please note anything that requires a signature must be signed by the Procurement or Contracts staff. Examples include but are not limited to, Student Placement Agreements (SPA), freeware, Memorandums of Understanding (MOU), hack-a-thons, etc.

Our next walk through session is scheduled this Friday, May 1, 2020 at 9:30 AM. Please Register! Not able to join us? Take a look at the Supplier Request Process FTS and PaymentWorks tutorial!