Tech Tip Tuesday: Piazza Brunch-n-Learn Event!

Piazza Event image

How much do you know about Piazza, the robust wiki-style Q & A platform that helps boost  participation of women and minorities in STEM and other disciplines? If you’re not familiar with it this is a great opportunity to meet representatives who will be on hand for a demo, and hear from a panel of SJSU faculty who use and recommend Piazza. This platform helps boost the participation of women and minorities, in STEM and other disciplines!

Read about how the founder was inspired to create Piazza when she was one of only three women in her computer science program, and “…dreamed of a way to empower all students, shy or outgoing, male or female, to benefit from the power of collaborative learning.” (She was awarded 2016 Women Of Vision ABIE Award Winner for Technical Entrepreneurship.) The platform is certainly not limited to STEM fields. Anytime your students would benefit for collaboration, look to Piazza for features that go far beyond what you can do with Canvas discussion boards. For example, here’s a real psychology course on Piazza.

Register Today!

  • WHEN? – Friday October 26th, 10am-12pm
  • WHERE? – SJSU Student Union, Meeting Room 2B
  • Click Here To Register!

360 Photos Help Visualize Classrooms

San Jose State University offers a variety of learning spaces in support of innovative teaching and active learning. Classrooms equipped with current instructional technologies and capable of flexible spacial arrangements encourage collaboration and foster innovative thinking. Many classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art audio, visual and conference technology to enhance the collaboration and communication with students and instructors /speakers—both onsite and at remote locations.

Explore this 360-degree photo of Room 101 in Morris Dailey. eCampus has included 360-degree photos of some classrooms on the Learning Spaces page of our website. In addition to classroom resources, check out the wide array of programs, workshops, teaching tools and support detailed on the eCampus website.

Tech Tip Tuesday: Camtasia!

Recent research indicates that students really value recorded lectures to supplement their learning, and videos can stand in for you when you are NOT face to face with your students. It’s also easier than ever to get started with video development, with Camtasia! From a quick motivational talking-head style pep talk, a screen-cast showing a software application, to a narrated PowerPoint with additional images and effects, Camtasia is a robust program that lets you do it all.

In fact, there’s still room in the two beginner workshops scheduled for tomorrow, September 26th, at 9 and 10am. Don’t hesitate to get in on the fun, email to join one or both workshops!

(NOTE: Camtasia is available for SJSU faculty and staff only. For students interested in video check out your options with Adobe!)

Person of the month: August

In August, we focused on Katherine Johnson who is a legendary mathematician and a NASA scientist. She helped propel mankind to the moon with her mathematical equations and applications. She was depicted in the featured film, “Hidden Figures” and we urge you all to go watch it to get a glimpse of her life and her character. Ms. Johnson is an amazing person with impeccable work ethic, rich history and an amazing story.

Person of the month: July

For July, we decided to focus on Bill Gates and all the inspiring work he and his wife have done globally. We incorporated a lot of his famous quotes and lines to inspire many SJSU students who walk past the bulletin board. He is the first person in this series and we hope we captured the greatness that is him. We have gotten many compliments and feedback from students and faculty about this project series and how much they enjoy it. We hope you enjoy it!