Kerry Rohrmeier quoted in Wired article

Geography Lecturer Kerry Rohrmeier was quoted in an article on Wired magazine’s online website. In “What the Controlled Chaos of Burning Man Reveals About Cities,” Professor Rohrmeier notes, “there are a lot of good ideas from people who are not in the profession. There are so many creative things that people have been able to accomplish on the nano-, site-specific scale. It works, it’s replicable, but there’s not been a lot of evolution or experimentation. You can come here, you can practice ideals and identities that you choose, but within these confines.”

Bob Gliner documentary airs on SF Bay Area PBS stations

Many economists, business owners, and labor leaders have raised alarm about a rising skills gap in the United States between the jobs that are available and those with the skills needed to fill them. Job Centered Learning, a new film from retired Sociology Professor Bob Gliner, takes a critical look at the wide range of career education some high schools are offering as a way of both closing this gap as well as making education more meaningful and relevant for students.

The film, which features many local area schools, comes to PBS stations in the SF Bay Area this week as part of its nationwide airings including Thursday, Aug. 17 at 7 PM on KQED Life (Comcast 189), Sunday, Aug. 20, at 9 PM on KCSM (Comcast 17 and 717HD) and Thursday, Aug. 24, at 8 PM on KRCB (Comcast 22 and 722 HD SF and North Bay Counties, Comcast 200 in Silicon Valley). For more information and to watch a three minute trailer, visit Bob’s website: