Margo McBane Receives Grant

History Lecturer Margo McBane has received California Humanities funding for her “Cannery Workers, Cannery Lives” project. The grant will support a Cannery Worker Oral History/Photo Shoot Day on Sunday, September 10,  2017, at the San Jose Public Library to retrieve cannery worker life stories and accompanying family photos on family, work life, and community activities. At this event three documentation teams (comprised of SJSU alumni, students, and community members) will concurrently interview contributors and collect scanned photos from personal collections, resulting in the completion of twelve interviews. Each team will include a videographer, a photo scanner, and a bilingual interviewer. The interviews collected will become the basis for two Cannery Worker Community Conversations at two branches of the local San Jose Public Library during Hispanic Heritage Month on the topic of cannery workers and their contributions to the rich heritage of Santa Clara Valley. Congratulations Professor McBane!

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