Spring Blog #3

Blog #3

Team: “Veggie Sticks”


Project Updates

The IEEE conference is in the books! We had a great time showing off the work we have done; this was shown by our awesome poster and the sensor/actuated valve demonstration we had. People seemed to genuinely show interest in our project. One of our team members, Lok Yu, made it onto a local Chinese news station while he explained the project. The back sides of several of us also made it onto the news…which is still EXCITING! Below is a picture of our team in front of the poster we designed. The non traditional setup of the poster brought lots of attention to our group, and sparked interest in a lot of the attendees of the conference.

From the time of our last blog post, we have made headway on the electronic portion of the project. A schematic of the wiring was created and then sent out to a manufacturer to create a PCB that will allow us to have a much cleaner setup. Below, first is the schematic and second, the final PCB. The original prototype for the sensors and actuated valve have a chaotic wire mess, which is cleared up with the use of the new PCB.


Aside from the electronics, we have not done as much with the construction portion of the project. We plan to meet with our community partner this Monday, March 4th, and get the last needed measurements, as well as begin the testing of out barrel.

There was some debate on what we will use as a stand for the fish waste container (barrel). We were torn between creating the stand from metal or cinder blocks. We have decided to go with the cinder block option, which will allow for more variation when we install. This is also a much easier option to get the barrel testing started. Below is a CAD rendering of the proposed barrel stand using cinder blocks.


Next Steps

This coming week we will finalize the PCB board connection to the sensors and actuated valve, and begin the testing of the barrel. We plan to meet with our community partner as mentioned above, which will kick start the process.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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