Second Successful Youth Sports Summer Camp

The Department of Kinesiology offered its second Spartan Youth Summer Camp for Sports and Exercise this past summer for children ages 7-12 years.

“The camp is a sports and exercise camp,” says Dr. Areum Jensen, Director of Spartan Youth Summer Camp. “We break the camp up into three components, the first being discipline where we teach youth Brazilian Jiujitsu, then fun, where we play physical games such as dodge ball and basketball and then we have a meditation component where we teach the youth yoga and stretching exercises. There is also plenty of time for swimming and learning water polo.”

The camp occupancy rate is 48 to 50 campers per week. Dr. Jensen hires many kinesiology students to work with the campers. She even hires student athletes from SJSU’s division I water polo team to teach campers water polo.

“We have many parents who need their children to stay until 5 p.m. ” says Dr. Jensen. “This year we have collaborated with the School of Journalism and Mass Communications to teach the students to write news stories and to film them in the JMC television studio.” There is an additional fee of $100 for campers who need to stay after 3:00 p.m.

Here is what some of the parents had to say about the Spartan Youth Summer Camp: “The SJSU youth sports camp was a hidden gem! The value of the camp was outstanding. The program director and teachers provided high quality instructions and training to the children. The instructors were professional and experienced, particularly for the Jiu- jitsu and swimming lessons. Many techniques were introduced and practiced. While the teachers taught high level of technical details, they were able to explain in a way that the campers could understand. The level of instructions was superior to typical classes in the field. In addition, all the staff were caring and genuinely interested in working with children. Dr. Jensen was able to foster a disciplined environment and coach for proper behaviors. I highly recommend the camp. Dr. Jensen’s passion and effort really made this a wonderful program. My kid had a lot of fun, learned quite a bit, and got a LOT of exercise!”

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