OT Students Provide Summer Camp at the San Jose Shelter

The annual Occupational Therapy (OT) Summer Camp at the San Jose Shelter provided children with the opportunity to learn about new subjects in a fun and interactive manner. Children from the shelter also attended a sleep-away camp at Mount Cross where they slept under the stars and engaged in stimulating outdoor activities. After a fun-filled summer, the children are ready for a new school year. The San Jose Family Supportive Housing Organization said that they were grateful for the support of their summer programs and for the donations of brand new backpacks and school supplies.

Thank you to Lisa Benjamin & Hallie Hicks, OT graduate students, who assisted with the camp. Winifred Schultz-Krohn, OT Chair and Professor, has managed students on a pro bono basis for the past 19 summers to provide students with their full time fieldwork experience.

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