HS & Rec. Dept. Students to Participate at the Coalition of National Health Education Organizations’ Advocacy Summit

by HS Department

Five Health Science and Recreation Department students are on their way to Washington D.C. to participate with the Coalition of National Health Education Organizations’ Advocacy Summit on March 2-4, 2013. Jessica Ponce (undergraduate), Alexis Fields and David Han (MPH campus program) and Emlyn Struthers and Jeff Goodman (MPH distance program) will join 250 other students and health education professionals from around the country to develop a further understanding of the nexus of health policy and health education and to advocate for health equity, the value of prevention, school health and how a professional health educator can contribute to the nation’s health.

As a group and individually, each student will be visiting members of the California Congressional delegation and bringing local impact stories to Washington.  This is the 16th annual summit and our distance student, Jeff Goodman, is a lead coordinator and presenter this year as part of his MPH practicum.

The Department is particularly proud that three students received merit based scholarships to attend.  David Han and Jessica Ponce both were selected as 21stCentury Scholarship recipients from the Society for Public Health Education and Alexis Fields was chosen to receive a scholarship from the Association of Accredited Public Health Programs.    These were all very competitive awards.

We look forward to hearing their success stories in a few weeks and how Spartans influence our nation’s health policies.