School of Journalism and Mass Communications Faculty Comment on Facebook Dilemma Regarding Leaked Data to Cambridge Analytica

Matt Cabot commented about crisis communications after Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, testified to the United States Congress on Tuesday, April 10. Cabot did an outstanding job with both interviews.

He appeared on both ABC 7 and KTVU 2. Here are the news clips:



In addition, Larry Sokoloff  was interviewed on both ABC7 and NBC Bay Area  on Tuesday, April 10, about Facebook’s new stance on the California Consumer Privacy Act. Here are the news clips:


NBC Bay Area-TV

With the news that Cambridge Analytica may have compromised many Facebook users data, Peter Young and Matt Cabot commented on local news stations.

Click here for a link to KPIX-TV’s story March 24 about increasing pressure on Facebook. Peter Young was interviewed for the story. This story also aired on KCAL-TV in Los Angeles.

Click here for a link to the additional interview with Peter Young on March 26 with KTVU-TV.  It was a live Skype interview about Facebook.

Here are two stories about Cambridge Analytica using Facebook user data. Peter Young was interviewed in both stories.

NBC Bay Area


Matt Cabot was interviewed by KGO-TV on March 21 about how Facebook is responding to the public relations crisis it is facing because of Cambridge Analytica’s use of Facebook user data. Watch the news clip here:


Occupational Therapy Graduate Student Accepted to Future Scientist Summer Institute

James (“Jamie”) Tatti, is pleased to announce both passing the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy exam and being selected to attend the third annual Summer Institute for Future Scientists in Occupational Therapy in Kansas this summer. “This is an amazing accomplishment considering our students graduate with a Master of Science degree and compete with students graduating with Occupational Therapy Doctorate (OTD) degrees,” says Winifred Schultz-Krohn, Chair, Occupational Therapy.

The event is hosted by the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) in collaboration with the American Occupational Therapy Foundation. Selected occupational therapy (OT) students earn a scholarship to travel from across the United States to the University of Kansas Medical Center on June 7, 2018. After the program, students attend a two-day research summit alongside occupational therapy scholars. The program provides mentorship opportunities with scientists in their field for OT students aspiring to a career in research.

Tatti demonstrated a commitment to research from his application letter and throughout his time at San José State University. He submitted a critically appraised paper (CAP) for publication through the AOTA Evidence Exchange and is pursuing publication of a manuscript on a theory of meaning in life and occupation, developed as a part of his contribution to his research teams’ capstone research project. Tatti was the lead session presenter for his teams’ research on Meaning in Life at the End of Life at the 2017 annual California Occupational Therapy Association conference in Sacramento, CA. As well, he has consistently incorporated his research skills into improving his clinical performance during fieldwork opportunities, most notably creating a flow chart with supporting research articles to illustrate a method for rapid evaluations in an acute psychiatric environment.

Tatti is interested in upholding a high standard for evidence-base practice and continuing his research efforts as a clinician and would like to eventually pursue a doctorate degree. His research interests are currently focused on supporting occupational justice for gender and sexual minorities, improving the application of mindfulness techniques to occupational therapy practice, developing a theory of motivation for occupational choices, and the maintenance of the psychosocial and holistic core of occupational therapy services across practice settings.

OT Students Bowl to Raise Funds for Research

Occupational Therapy graduate students at San José State University held a spring bowling event in the newly renovated Bowling Center on campus. Hosted by Pi Theta Epsilon chapter members and funded by SJSU Associated Students, the event celebrated the student and faculty efforts in The American Occupational Therapy Foundation St. Catherine Challenge fundraiser and provided an opportunity for some friendly competition between students and faculty.

As of March 1st, the students have raised $6,260 for Occupational Therapy research grants, this is the most they have ever raised for this challenge. Top student fundraisers in each year of the graduate program received a spot on a bowling team, or could nominate another student to bowl in their place. The two student teams played against each other and the winning team advanced to compete against the faculty team. Both students and faculty enjoyed a fun evening participating together in the leisure occupation of bowling.

“The friendly competition created camaraderie between students and faculty outside the classroom,” says Winifred Schultz-Krohn, Chair, Occupational Therapy.  “Additionally, this event helped promote greater awareness to the campus community about the graduate program and Occupational Therapy profession. The students and faculty plan to make this an annual event.”


SJSU Advertising Program Sweeps the Silicon Valley American Advertising Awards

Award season is officially open and that means one thing – it’s time for the ADDYs. “The American Advertising Awards, to give them their official title, are the Advertising industry’s equivalent of the Oscars,” says John Delacruz, Assistant Professor, Advertising. Opening a varied award season every year, the best professional and student work is rewarded and celebrated at an event that showcases homegrown talent.

“For students, this is the first step on the ladder of advertising award shows and is one where their creativity is rewarded alongside the best our industry has to offer. They are judged alongside their professional counterparts – and that’s a big deal,” says Delacruz.

This year’s event was held at Deluxe Eatery and Drinkery, San José, a hip watering hole at the heart of San José’s creative district. Student members of the American Advertising Federation’s Silicon Valley Ad Club volunteered and reaped the rewards. Since 2013, SJSU’s Advertising Program’s participation in this competition has increased. This year, there were 21 student entries across a number of categories that included Art Direction to Copywriting to Cinematography. In all, SJSU students received 16 Awards in the Gold, Silver and Bronze categories, plus a coveted ADDY and a Judges’ Pick.

The Gold Award, and subsequent ADDY went to Arabela Espinoza and Talia Nakhjiri for a Social Media and Print based campaign for the 2017 ADDYs Call For Entries. The campaign, “Make Mama Proud,” was a call to action for advertising creatives to enter the competition so their mothers could be proud of them once more.

A Silver Award and Judges’ Pick went to Noel Shiu and Cullan McChesney for Burger King. This campaign, edgy and racy, showcased their creativity in terms of Copywriting, Art Direction and Strategy.

Brocoli’s Agency – a team consisting of Michael Brown, Hieu Tran, Aurelia Faudot, Peter Babakhan and Antina Chen won three Silver Awards for a rebranding and communications campaign for the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History. The campaign, “Dive Deeper,” revealed the breadth of craft skills the students learn in the advertising program. They designed a new brand identity and created an app as well as a social media and print campaign to announce the refreshed new look. “They also created a range of merchandising products too,” says Delacruz.

Brandon Torres, a talented advertising photographer, won two Silvers for a photography exhibition he also promoted via a website and a series of short videos. “De Mi Tierra” celebrated his Colombian heritage and showcased his photographic talent.

Jesse Santos won two Silvers and a Bronze award. One of the Silver awards was received in collaboration with Alyssa Sotelo for an awareness campaign for Patagonia’s Long Root Ale – a beer produced using sustainable agricultural methods. He also won a Silver in Cinematography for a series of bumper videos promoting Peace One Day. The Bronze was also in Cinematography for a commercial promoting HydroFlask as the perfect container for cold beer.

Eva Germer received a Silver award for an environmental sticker campaigns promoting sustainability on campus. These stickers decorate the rims of all the trash cans on campus, reminding users of their environmental responsibilities.

Adrianna Benyat swept the floor with an Awards haul winning two Silvers for Peace One Day and a Bronze for Home Depot, “Toys to Tools.” Adrianna Benyat, together with Saul Manriquez, also won a Silver Award for PetChatz, an ingenious product helping owners maintain video contact with their pets throughout the day, and a Bronze Award or a rebrand of Totally Awesome cleaning products.

Finally, a Bronze went home to Annie Coleman, Lexi Kruger and Dani Ogier for their Burger King, Because Fire is Better campaign. The work they entered was copy-driven and evocative, as well as reflecting Burger King’s edgy tone-of-voice.

“This was a fantastic event where students networked with industry professionals, hustling for internships and where previous students returned having been rewarded with jobs in agencies across Silicon Valley and beyond,” says Delacruz. “Let’s see how much better next year’s ADDYs can be!”

Look Who’s in the News

Peter Young, Lecturer, School of Journalism and Mass Communications who specializes in New Media Technologies has become a source regarding new technologies for local television news stations.

Click here to view KTVU-TV’s story featuring a live phone interview with Peter Young about how you can safeguard your data from social media tools.

Click here to view KPIX-TV’s story about young people moving from Facebook to Snapchat. Peter Young was interviewed for the story.

Edward Cohen, Professor, School of Social Work, recently had a letter published in the New York Times regarding school violence and mental health. Click here to read the letter. 

Sandy Hirsh, Director, School of Information and Susan Alman, Lecturer, were featured in an article regarding the IMLS grant on blockchain applications in libraries. This has been garnering a lot of press. Click here for the full article.