Governor Jerry Brown Signs AB 422 That Grants Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree on 19 CSU Campuses

What started as a pilot program, has now been signed in to law for the CSU system to offer doctoral degrees. The Valley Foundation School of Nursing at San José State University is pleased to announce that Governor Jerry Brown signed AB 422 which grants California State University full authority to offer the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree as of January 1, 2018.

Both Dr. Ruth Rosenblum and Dr. Lori Rodriguez, The Valley Foundation School of Nursing, took a leadership role in the initial planning and implementation of the Northern California Consortium Doctor of Nursing Practice Program. They worked in conjunction with faculty partners at Fresno State School of Nursing to create a highly successful pilot program for DNP students over the past five years. Many faculty members at The Valley Foundation School of Nursing have also contributed to the great success of this program. “Congratulations to all! l feel very proud of what we have been able to accomplish as nursing leaders in the CSU.  Thanks to everyone for your support,” says Dr. Colleen O’Leary-Kelley, Director, Professor, Valley Foundation School of Nursing.

The CSU practice doctorate degree in nursing was first legislated as a pilot project. Now, the CSU DNP degree is fully recognized in legislation as a quality educational program that offers the highest level of scholarship in nursing practice. “We are proud of the graduates of our CSU pilot project,” says Dr. Margaret Brady, Nurse Faculty, CSU Nurse Coordinator.  “They are nursing leaders and engage in quality improvement projects within their practice settings that support optimal healthcare for the citizens of California. Moreover, CSU nursing programs have witnessed an influx of these graduates into CSU faculty positions, and the California Community Colleges are pleased to count them among their Associate Degree in Nursing faculty.”

There are many people who deserve to be thanked for supporting CSU Nursing during the quest for full authority. Special thanks to Dr. Joaquin Arambula who sponsored AB 422. He is truly a physician who knows that quality healthcare is a team effort and values the work of his nursing colleagues. The California Assembly and Senate representatives showed their overwhelming confidence in CSU Nursing by their enthusiastic “yes” votes. A shout out for the people behind the scenes such as Nichole Munoz-Murillo, CSU Senior Legislative Advocate who was instrumental in guiding legislative efforts and meeting with California legislators to educate them about CSU Nursing and the DNP degree. Dr. Chris Mallon, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Academic Programs and Faculty Development, has worked with nursing faculty over the long haul on this project. She met with nursing leaders who first brought the idea to her almost 10 years ago and never wavered in her commitment to secure full authority.

Five CSU Nursing campuses, which includes The Valley Foundation School of Nursing, joined to form two joint programs and launched the Northern and Southern CSU DNP consortia in 2012. These graduates joined the pilot project because they believed in the CSU system and its reputation for excellence in nursing education. Many of these graduates told their stories to legislators who listened. Nursing faculty throughout the CSU system worked to secure letters of support from industry partners and also told their stories as advance practice nurses, nurse administrators and nurse educators.

There are 198 graduates of the first four cohorts in Northern and Southern California. There are currently 24 in the Northern cohort that will graduate in Spring 2018 and 38 in the Northern cohort that will graduate in Spring 2019. “We are thrilled that the legislature and Governor so clearly embrace the importance of the DNP degree to support nursing education and improved health outcomes in the state. We are looking forward to next steps,” says Dr. Ruth Rosenblum DNP, RN, PNP-BC, CNS, Assistant Professor, DNP Program Director-Interim, SJSU’s Valley Foundation School of Nursing.

The Valley Foundation School of Nursing at San José State University was an instrumental part of the pilot project. The vision for nursing education empowers faculty and guides students on the path to what is regarded as the most trusted profession. Congratulations on the successful passage of AB 422.

School of Journalism and Mass Communications Hosts Design Colloquium 4.1

Assistant Professor John Delacruz, Advertising, School of Journalism and Mass Communications (JMC), hosted Design Colloquium 4.1 for the Design Incubation group, Saturday, September 30. Design Incubation is a venue for educators and practitioners of visual communication design to discuss design research and practice. Their aim is to create a community where designers can assess creative work through a lens of scholarly activity and academic review.

“The aim of the Design Incubation group is to foster collaboration, promote development, encourage discourse, cultivate theoretical frameworks, challenge notions, offer criticism, and review processes within the design community,” says Professor Delacruz. “That is why we included designers across experience levels and backgrounds – practicing designers, graduate students, adjunct and tenure-track faculty to distinguished professors.”

In the past, Design Colloquium has primarily been held on the east coast. JMC’s Design Colloquium was the first held on the west coast and brought 30 educators from the fields of advertising and creative design from a wide range of United States institutions. The participants were mainly from the west coast, but some traveled as far as New Jersey and Minnesota. At the Colloquium, Professor Delacruz presented a case study where advertising students worked with the City of San José to create an awareness campaign around the illegal dumping of household items – high impact service learning. Assistant Professor Tina Korani, JMC Media, and Professor Andrea English, Design, also presented at the conference.

Assistant Professor John Delacruz Joins International Higher Education Teaching & Learning Association

Assistant Professor John Delacruz, School of Journalism and Mass Communications, has been invited to the editorial review board of the International Higher Education Teaching and Learning Association’s Journal based on his role as an educator in the creative disciplines and pedagogical research. Assistant Professor Delacruz has a published article on the website that you can access here: “Socially Minded: Ethical Awareness and the Creative Advertising Student.”

The International Higher Education Teaching and Learning Association is an association of educators, by educators, for educators. Their vision is to advance the scholarship and practice of teaching and learning by focusing its mission on four core areas: 1) global networking and interdisciplinary collaboration, 2) research, innovation, and academic publishing, 3) higher education development and capacity building, and 4) human rights and social justice.

Occupational Therapy Student Selected to Attend Second Annual Future Scientists in Occupational Therapy Program in Boston

Megan Sadou was one of 30 Occupational Therapy (OT) students selected to attend the second annual Future Scientists in Occupational Therapy program in Boston this past summer. The event was hosted by the American Occupational Therapy Association in collaboration with the American Occupational Therapy Foundation. Selected students traveled from across the United States to Boston University on June 1, 2017. After the program, students attended a two-day research summit alongside occupational therapy scholars.

The program gives aspiring graduate OT students a chance to form mentorships with top scientists in their field. During her time in the program, Sadou and her future scientist peers received direct and personalized mentorship from renowned OT scholars, as well as researchers and doctoral students in all levels of training. The event hosted Q&A panels and small group discussions to facilitate students’ development of research interests, plans for work-life balance, and their timeline for future research pursuits. At the research summit, Sadou expanded her OT research network and took advantage of opportunities to provide feedback to principal investigators who were in the design phase of innovative studies for the OT field.

Sadou demonstrated a strong interest in research before joining the OT Master’s program at SJSU. She previously published two peer-reviewed research articles from her undergraduate work in the ecology field. Sadou’s skills have transferred easily into her research courses as she now applies her talents to benefit occupational therapy clients.

Sadou served as a group leader for a year-long research project that was recently presented as a poster at the Changing Aging Tour through the SJSU Center for Healthy Aging in Multicultural Populations (CHAMP). Under the mentorship of her advisor, Assistant Professor Dr. Megan Chang, Sadou’s project was accepted for presentation at the Occupational Therapy Association of California. In addition, her team’s work was accepted for presentation at the 2018 International Congress of World Federation of Occupational Therapy in South Africa. Sadou plans to submit this work for publication.

Sadou would like to eventually pursue a doctorate degree that supports her research interests in sensory integration, neurorehabilitation, or the development of sociocultural and contextual frameworks that benefit OT practice. Sadou is currently completing her required internship in OT and expects to graduate December 2017.

Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals Names SJSU’s Student Chapter as Student Chapter of the Year

The national chapter of the Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP) has selected SJSU’s HFTP Student Chapter as the Student Chapter of the Year Award winner and will be honored at the HFTP Annual Convention, October 25-27, 2017. SJSU’s HFTP Student Chapter was established in 2014 with Dr. Yinghua (Michelle) Huang as the faculty advisor.

“There are 23 HFTP student chapters, including those from Cornell, University of Central Florida, and University of Nevada, Las Vegas. It is a competitive selection based on many factors and our student chapter is among the best,” says Dr. Huang.

Hospitality, Tourism and Event Management student, Kierstin Wilson, is the current president of SJSU’s HFTP.  Congratulations to the HFTP Student Chapter!