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JMC professor featured in CISCO video

March 3rd, 2014

John Delacruz, an advertising professor in the College of Applied Sciences and Arts’ School of Journalism and Mass Communications, is featured as one of the faculty members at San Jose State University who is taking advantage of Next Gen classrooms. The video, put together by CISCO, includes interviews with SJSU President Mohammad Qayoumi, former Provost Ellen Junn and other administrators on the benefit of technology on campus. Delacruz’ advertising class is featured throughout the video using telepresence equipment and he is also interviewed about the benefits it brings to his students.

“I’ve always been a great believer in experiential learning,” he said, in the video. “It comes from a design background where we work on real-life projects.”

He said telepresence has allowed him to bring the world into his classroom.

“It enables my students to do work with ad agencies in New York and London without leaving San Jose,” he said.

To watch the video, visit

JMC to honor journalist with Hearst Award and air immigration documentary

February 24th, 2014

San José State University’s School of Journalism and Mass Communications in the College of Applied Sciences and Arts will air a documentary by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Jose Antonio Vargas on March 10, at 6 p.m. in Morris Dailey Auditorium. Admission is free.

Jose Antonio Vargas will receive an award and screen his documentary 'Documented' at San Jose State University.

Jose Antonio Vargas will receive an award and screen his documentary ‘Documented’ at San Jose State University.

Vargas’ film, “Documented,” puts a personal face on immigration and showcases Vargas’ own life as an undocumented person. The March 10 screening will be the West Coast University premiere of the film. After the screening, Vargas will also be honored with the 2014 William Randolph Hearst Foundation Award from the School of Journalism and Mass Communications.

Vargas is a former reporter for the Washington Post who founded “Define American,” a campaign that seeks to change the conversation on immigration reform.

“In my mind, this SJSU journalism event is an opportunity to engage SJSU journalism students specifically, the journalism profession at large and of course the San Jose area community,” Vargas said, in a press release on the event.

To read the full press release, click here for a PDF.  Jose Antonio Vargas film Documented debut Press Release 2014.

For more on the 2014 William Randolph Hearst Foundation Award, click here for a PDF. Jose Antonio Vargas bio JMC 2014

Student profile: Nutrition student leads Chalets at Pro-Am

February 4th, 2014

Rebecca Mockabee is the first to admit she doesn’t know all the ins and outs of golf. But for the second year in a row she will be spending up to 12 hours a day at the AT&T National Pro-Am at Pebble Beach. Mockabee is one of about 34 students who headed to Monterey County Feb. 3 as part of a unique partnership between San José State University and Pebble Beach.

The Special Event Management Program started in 2006 as a way to give students hands-on, intensive training and to provide dozens of managers for the week-long golf tournament. The students have been undergoing management training with staff members from Pebble Beach since the start of January. They are spending the week of the Pro-Am from sun up to sun down providing concessions to spectators of as well as the corporate CEOs and others who spend time in the chalets and sky boxes along the course.

Mockabee is a senior in Nutritional Food Science who first participated in the Special Event Management program at SJSU in 2013. The program is run through the Hospitality and Tourism Management program in the College of Applied Sciences and Arts, but the students involved in the program come from various backgrounds including hospitality, business, communications and sometimes nutrition.

“It really builds a bridge between being a student and being in the work place,” said Mockabee, of the program.

This year she will serve as director of Chalets during the golf tournament that draws up to 35,000 visitors in the course of the week, in addition to celebrities and golfers.

“We don’t get to interact too much,” she said, of the golfers and celebrities.

Most of her day will be spent in the chalets, catering to CEO and business professionals.

Heading into the tournament, Mockabee said she was filled with excitement.

“Being there is almost like my Disneyland,” she said. “Everyone is smiling and you are part of a community. Everything around Pebble Beach is beautiful.”

This year, the students used iPads purchased with a grant from the College of Applied Sciences and Arts Dean’s Office that streamlined the training process. In the past, Pebble Beach staff members photocopied training manuals of up to 900 pages for 40 people. This year the manuals are in a digital format that can be accessed on the iPads.

Mockabee said she was looking forward to having the iPad on the course this year, rather than carrying around the huge binders.

Like many of the students who have participated in the Pro-Am program, Mockabee said she was invited back to help with the Pebble Beach Food and Wine Festival as well as the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.

Mockabee said her own confidence grew when she completed the program last year. Since then, she took a job as a hostess at Mimi’s Café in Gilroy. Just recently she said she was promoted to assistant manager.

“(The program) can help you see what kind of manager you want to be,” Mockabee said.

JMC students take home AT&T grand prize at Dallas competition

December 13th, 2013

A team of five San José State University advertising and public relations students took home a grand prize at the AT&T campus challenge Dec. 12, winning out against 30 other campuses in the United States in a multi-part challenge.

The students, who created the DB&H on-campus advertising and public relations agency, started their competition in August. The ad and PR agency is a program in the College of Applied Sciences and Art’s School of Journalism and Mass Communications. While most of the colleges competed with teams made up of an entire classroom of students (with at least 25 students on the team,) the SJSU team included five students. The students included Kent Bravo, Lisa Sydes-Findlay, Daria Gorohova, Jenna Martinez and Nick Mundy.

A team of five JMC students, pictured here with advertising professor Timothy Hendrick, far right, took him the grand prize at the AT&T campus challenge.

For the competition the teams were challenged to change the perception of AT&T with 18-24-year old students through an on-campus event and also to enlist Science, Technology, Engineering and Math students to consider employment with AT&T after graduation. The team worked with regional employees of AT&T to present their initial research and data.

The team made it through the first round of competition, in which they won AT&T products as prizes. The field was narrowed to seven teams who were invited to compete for first and second place at the AT&T corporate headquarters in Dallas this week with all expenses paid by the telecommunications company.

Timothy Hendrick, an advertising professor at SJSU, said via email that the task of presenting to 50 executives was daunting for the students, “but they were brilliant in presenting their solution.” The DB&H team won the grand prize of $3,000.

“The team really came together, learning how to work as a team, and develop creative and comprehensive solutions to meet the challenge,” Hendrick said, via email.

He also noted the short two-day trip came in the midst of other finals for the students, who spent time studying on the plane ride home.

“I am proud of what they accomplished and they will be able to take the skills and knowledge they developed into their careers,” he wrote in an email.

Some of the team members have been approached by AT&T executives about potential employment after they graduate next spring.

Former Spartan Daily editor honored with scholarship

November 19th, 2013

The family of Christopher Marian, who died in his sleep on May 15 at the age of 28, has chosen to remember him with an endowed scholarship in his name. The $2,000 scholarship will go to a San Jose State University School of Journalism and Mass Communication student each year. Marian’s family signed a memorandum of understanding with the Tower Foundation to create the Chris Marian Journalism Scholarship on Oct. 29.

Marian worked on the Spartan Daily for four semesters while attending SJSU, as a staff writer, copy editor and most recently as the opinion editor. He wrote a column entitled “Nuke the Whales.” His sister Alicia Marian described her brother as “very intelligent, kind, articulate, witty and funny with a ‘sardonic, sarcastic slant’” in a press release from the signing ceremony.

As a child, Marian was interested in military and aviation history. He started flight lessons as an eighth-grade student and originally pursued an aviation degree at SJSU. He was part of the university’s Precision Flight Team from 2003 to 2005. He studied off and on at SJSU from 2003 on, switching to journalism.

“Chris was one of our excellent senior editors on Access who kept the grammar coordinated with the writing intent,” said Tim Mitchell, a journalism design professor, in a press release about the scholarship. “If Chris was a Western gunslinger, he would have been the fastest draw with an AP Style Guide in his holster.”




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