Kijanigrows Visit and Upcoming 2nd Design Review

This Friday, the team visited Kijanigrows (Address), a company stationed in Oakland that has previously worked with The Tech Museum. This small company specializes in providing custom kits and collecting/presenting data for small-scale aquaponics systems. We have recently purchased one of their Smart Controller boards, yet we needed more information on what specific sensors they provided and at what cost compared to their competitors. Once the team reaches a consensus on what sensors to use, we can proceed with the technical aspects and building of our product.

Next Friday, the team intends to meet with our community partner, The Tech Museum, for a second design review. The museum’s technical staff will be our intended audience for this presentation. We are aiming to gain feedback on our overall design in accordance to their exhibit standards and regulations. Therefore, the team will be busy with fine-tuning and adding to the original slideshow on top of working out the technical specifications of the system.

Site Visit: Dublin Seed Bank and Aquaponics

On September 8th 2018, the Aquaponics team visited the Dublin Seed Bank and Aquaponics (a.k.a. Lucky Garden Hydroponics). Our intention was to ask questions and learn more about how to maintain the aquaponics system. The staff were very helpful and we spent more than an hour learning about different components that go into a successful system. One of our team members even bought a small system for his apartment.

Dublin Seed Bank and Aquaponics
7079 Village Pkwy, Dublin, California (925 828-4769) (Facebook)