The Road Towards Delivery


The clocks in our microcontrollers—and watches—continue to tick and tock towards the delivery date of our senior design project. During the last weeks of our project, the team has been arduously working on constructing the base for the aquaponics tank, testing the final sensors, and setting up the UI application.

Figure 1. Structure 80% finished 

Figure 2. Water Level Sensor Testing

The week of March 11th through 15th the team was hard at work finishing the physical structure that will hold our plants, fish, and sensors. 

Figure 1 above shows that the base has been painted and the shelving system has been built with 80/20 material. Next steps include cutting out the shelves and painting them, testing the water pump and water heater and build the draining system.

Figure 2 demonstrates the setup to test the water level sensor. It was discovered during this testing that the chosen sensor was not very accurate and did not work as expected. It was decided that for our project the best type of sensor will be the water level floating sensors.

During the last two weeks of the project (March 18th-29th) the team will have mounted and configured all of the sensors required for the project to succeed.


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