Aquaponics Abstract

Modern aquaponics emerged from multiple agricultural methods that were seeking to provide a more environmentally sustainable means of food production. Aquaponics businesses are substantial players in the global agricultural market and the industry is still growing. Furthermore, aquaponics as a system was shown to be self-sustainable and environmentally viable.

There is interest in aquaponics, though it does not have apparent backing in the market. Specifically, aquaponics has little market saturation and lacks the required attention to grow. Agriculture today, including hydroponics, requires chemical-derived nutrients that are obtained through mining. Some of these nutrients are expensive to mine, rare to find, and harmful to the environment. In addition, existing systems are also inefficient to sustain a population with sufficient food.

This project provides an exhibit for visitors of the Tech Museum to learn about aquaponics. The exhibit demonstrates how fish and plants can be cultivated efficiently with minimal waste, space, and maintenance. Additionally, the system features an attractive and interactive space for children to learn more about aquaponics. The expected outcomes are a more informed agricultural audience, a healthier environment, and food for the community.

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